Institutional Strengthening

Institutional Strengthening component of PPCD is focused on developing the capacities of Regional Development Committees (RDCs) and Costal Communities Development Committees (CCDCs) to deliver on their mandates. Sustainable development projects/programs can only be implemented when organizations or institutions have the required skills and capacity, hence PPCD Institutional Strengthening arm support the RDCs/CCDCs through Training, Handholding and mentoring programmes to develop their skills in leadership, policy-formulation, financial and human resource management, projects/program management, partnerships/collaboration, resource mobilization/advocacy and other areas that could evolve in the course of the GMOU/MOU implementation, to enable the RDCs/CCDCs function as institutions to fulfil her mission.

Training: We identify organisational capacity gaps through organisational capacity assessment and design suitable training programs to close the gaps. This is done through a participatory approach to ensure effective implementation of RDCs/CCDCs and other stakeholders’ mandates in the GMOU/OMOU process.

Mentoring: The program also employs mentoring and handholding strategies towards getting the RDCs/CCDCs to essentially adopt principles that ensure organisational/institutional sustainability and acquisition of necessary skills to establish linkages and generate support from government and other agencies.

Consultation with other experts: The programme draws from the experiences of other experts working in 5 identified partner NGOs: New Nigeria Foundation, Leadership Initiative for Transformation and Empowerment (LITE-Africa), Morgan Smart Development Foundation (MSDF), Self Help and Rural Development Association (SHERDA) and Foundation for Partnerships initiative in the Niger Delta (PIND). Representatives of these organisations constitute the Institutional Strengthening, Capacity building and Resource Mobilisation (IBRM) Sub- Committee. This committee supports the Program Officer IBRM in the design, implementation, and mentoring of the IBRM component of PPCD programmes.

The objectives of Institutional Strengthening component of PPCD include:

  1. Design training programs to enhance RDCs/CCDCs ability to effectively mobilise resources from relevant partners
  2. Conduct training for RDCs’ on financial management for implementation of a transparent accounting system
  3. Conduct experience sharing forum for RDCs/CCDCs leaders and members on leadership and Succession planning.
  4. Support the RDCs/CCDCs to establish an effective admin structure by identifying staff needs and Support RDCs in addressing identified gaps in their admin system
  5. Support RDCs on the implementation of action plans on sustainability and management of projects
  6. Support the RDCs/CCDCs on their annual Business Planning process.












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